Harlingen offers SpaceX incentive package

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POSTED: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 4:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 9:25am

Several new jobs may arise for Harlingen residents if SpaceX approves the city's incentive package worth $450,000.

"We've had numerous discussions with the SpaceX people and how we could structure something that would benefit Harlingen as well," said Harlingen Economic Development Corporation CEO Raudel Garza.

The terms of the proposal are that the city of Harlingen would send $150,000 to SpaceX every year. In exchange, the company has to employ at least 100 Cameron County residents, with ten percent being residents of Harlingen.

Harlingen city officials say that if the SpaceX proposal does happen, then the entire city will experience a socioeconomic boom.

"We're gonna be getting increased traffic through our airports, through our restaurants, through our retail stores, through our hotel that people are staying in for the launches, whether those are tourists watching the launches or people actually working with SpaceX," said Garza.

"We have a lot of activity happening in our region, and I think that SpaceX is gonna allow us to grow even further and provide additional opportunities, and more importantly, improve the quality, not only for Harlingen, but for the region - the valley as a whole," said Harlingen City Manager Carlos Yerena.

And while you may be telling yourself that SpaceX only hiring ten percent of Harlingen residents doesn't seem like a big number, Garza says consider this:

"The ten percent was basically just a number so that we could make sure that SpaceX does attain that goal of hiring ten percent of Harlingen residents," said Garza.

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