Harlingen Medical Center hosts 11th annual health fair

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POSTED: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 3:08pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 6:56am

In a time when the issue of healthcare is a national concern, the Harlingen Medical Center took it upon itself to host its 11th Annual Community Health Fair and provide free services for the public.

"We partnered with our community where we had home health services represented, we had local pharmacies represented, we had dentistry, bariatric services, radiology services," said Harlingen Medical Center CEO Brenda Ivory.

"We are here to educate people about home health, hospice and any other services that are out there for the geriatric patients to make sure that they get the help that they need at the time that they need it," said geriatrics service provider Rosie Cavazos.

The services encouraged people to take preventative measures to avoid future illnesses - something that's typically overlooked.

"Whatever's appropriate for them or wherever the doctor feels they need to go, then they'll know more a little bit about what entity they need to go to, what hospital or place or home health, what is appropriate for their care," said Solara Hospital representative Jose Garcia.

"These events allow our community members to come in and receive free screenings from cholesterol to blood pressure to blood sugars. This allows them to recognize if they're at risk for an illness and get it immediate attention," said Ivory.

And the public enjoyed themselves, too.

"We visited all of the participants and we got a free flu shot because we were one of the first 50, so our flu shot didn't even go through Medicare," joked health fair patron Carol Stockholm. "I got some very valuable advice from the dentistry clinic. We got some advice from the foot pain clinic. Chick filet gave us coupons. We had a beautiful massage. We just had a very pleasant experience all the way around."

Reporting in Harlingen, Marty Watson, KVEO News Center 23.

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