Harlingen asks residents to stop dumping furniture

Harlingen asks residents to stop dumping furniture
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Friday, June 20, 2014 - 3:59pm

"Keep Harlingen Beautiful:" It's been the model for years, and the city is trying its best to uphold it.

That's why city officials are working with landlords, tenants and residents to solve the problem of unwanted furniture piling up outside residential areas.

"We're trying to get their cooperation with getting those types of household items that renders leave behind, placed behind the buildings or dumpsters that are out of the view of motorists and pedestrians so that it makes for better scenic conditions in those neighborhoods," said City of Harlingen public information officer Dave Ralph.

Though most left-behind furniture is considered to be more of an eyesore than anything else, they main contain some chemicals, like Frion from an old refrigerator. Things like that could cause harmful effects in the environment.

If you have a piece of furniture that contains potentially hazardous material and it's too big too be placed inside a dumpster like this, you can call the City of Harlingen to have them take care of it, or there are alternate methods you can use to remove your scrap furniture

"We've got a transfer station for our landfill and waste," said Ralph. "Also, we have a number of neighborhood clean-sweep events that happen."

The organization "Keep Harlingen Beautiful" also has community-wide clean ups every couple months. But even though the city is testing out more efficient ways to clean, it's still not against the law to dump.

"Technically according to ordinance, it's not illegal to put your furniture on the curbside because we have regular garbage pickup every month, every week, for every neighborhood in the city," said Ralph.

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