Hail Mary For Holy Trinity

Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 3:58pm

Third grader nails half-court shot to win Catholic Youth league championship.

Last week, J.C. Miller was just like any other third grader.

Now he’s not only the most downloaded in Portland, Oregon but anywhere in the country.

Miller plays for Holy Trinity’s Catholic Youth Organization basketball team.

When it comes to the shot that made him a star, divine intervention certainly can’t be ruled out.

J.C. knew the situation was bleak.

His team was down two with seconds to go.

He was almost a full-court away from the basket, but he had only one option.

“I was thinking I have to do something,” said Miller. “I can’t just stand there and let our team lose our championship so I just didn’t want to quit and I just threw it up.”

300,000 internet views later, a star was born.

But controversy ensued; Miller admits he traveled on the play.

An honest answer, but would you expect anything less from the kid from Holy Trinity who had his Hail Mary answered?

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