Gun Control: America Reacts

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 4:01pm

President Obama's new gun control proposals trigger a wide range of reaction.

Even before President Obama announced the most ambitious gun control program in decades, gun enthusiasts were stocking up, looking for items like high capacity magazines and assault weapons now targeted for a proposed ban.

"There is such a big backorder a lot of manufacturers say we will get to you when we can," says gun salesman Dave Rojas.

In Washington, mothers of children killed by guns called for action.

"People need to know this happens every day in big cities, we lose children every day," said Annette Nance Holt.

Her son was shot and killed while riding a bus in Chicago.

Across the country communities are divided, even in Newtown, Connecticut, despite the deaths of 26 people in last month's school shooting massacre there.

"Don't, please don't tell me in my home I can't choose to have an AK-47, a Bushmaster, whatever I think is necessary to defend myself," said Newtown resident Mark Hill.

"I wish it had been banned a long time ago. Something has to be done," countered Edie Trocki.

On Capitol Hill, Newtown's school superintendent recalled the tragedy and drew tears during a hearing on gun violence.

"20 beautiful and innocent little first graders were lost that day. They were no match for a troubled person with an AR-15," Dr. Janet Robinson said.

In Montgomery County, Alabama Sheriff D.T. Marshall supports an assault weapons ban.

"It's made to kill people. Kill PEOPLE. And with large capacity magazines a large number of people. It's plain and simple," he says, his opinion shaped by lives he's seen lost to gun violence.

The sides have been drawn.

Now both say they'll be lobbying Congress for support.

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