Guatemalan Consulate Questioning DPS Shooting During High Speed Chase

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 8:03am

The Guatemala Consulate is demanding answers after the DPS shootout that left two Guatemalans dead during the high speed chase. The consulate claims the shooting was unnecessary and statements from the survivors do not match up with the DPS reports. The shooting occurred on Thursday afternoon west of Jara Chinas road on FM 2221 north of La Joya. The DPS says a trooper, in the helicopter, fired shots at the truck to attempt to stop it and believed the vehicle was carrying drugs, but instead there were ten individuals inside with seven of them being undocumented from Guatemala. Guatemalan Consulate Alba Caceres stated, "They remember the helicopter and they believe the officer can see them. So, that's why I'm upset, because if the officer see those people, why do they take the decision to still shoot them."

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