Gruesome Pictures and Video Presented In Rojas Murder Trial

Gruesome Pictures and Video Presented In Rojas Murder Trial
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 8:23am

EDINBURG- Gruesome photos and videos were shown to the jury in the case against the man accused of murdering his mother-in-law and his three sons.

Calm and quiet is how Roberto Auigrre Rojas remained as prosecutors made their opening statements to 14 jurors. They are seeking the death penalty for Rojas. He faces two counts of capital murder and one count for attempted murder. The wife, Amelia Flores survived the attack despite being critically wounded.

"Maybe he'll leave, if I play dead he'll leave me alone. So she lays there with two bullet wounds covered in blood with her head cracked opened in different spots," said Hidalgo County Assistant District Attorney Michelle Puig.

Even though Rojas pleaded guilty Monday, attorneys on both sides of the fence still have to present evidence. Nine witnesses were brought in to testify their accounts of that tragic night.

"I can see he was still breathing and i could see he had a gunshot wound to him and i kept yelling at him saying don't go you know. your going to make it through," said Sheriff Deputy Carlos Gamez.

Pictures and videos were presented to jurors Tuesday and some of it were to gory to show you.

A picture of Amelia Flores was shown after being hospitalized, she is now using her maiden name. Prosecutors presented bloody stained clothes among other evidence and video provided by the Sheriff's Office was shown from that bloody night.

Bullet casings were found all over the home along with blood stains and the weapons that Rojas is accused of using. Rojas' attorneys didn't have much to say but said that their client wants justice for the victims. Prosecutors accused Rojas of being a jealous man who suspected his wife was cheating.  They went on to say that Amelia was at UTPA receiving her teaching certificate to become a substitute teacher.

Trial is expected to continue Wednesday morning.

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