Gridlock In Congress

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 2:15pm

Will failure to move on legislation take a toll in upcoming elections?

President Obama got a political back-stab from more than three dozen of House Democrats Wednesday when they joined with Republicans to make it clear they oppose the obama plan to raise taxes on well-off Americans.

President Obama got the embarrassing news in Iowa, where his rocket ride to the White House began in 2008.

To help balance the budget, he promised then and vows now to end the Bush-era tax cuts on the richest Americans.

Democrats, lacking the vote to win, moved to adjourn.

39 democrats joined Republicans to oppose more taxes on the rich.

"The American people know that raising taxes on job creators won't create jobs," said Indiana Republican Mike Pence. "That's why it's unbelievable Democrats would adjourn Congress without up or down vote about extending all the current tax relief."

In the Democratically controlled Senate gridlock prevails on even routine bills.

Can the president win a tax hike on the rich after Congress comes back in November?

Some observers have their doubts, and no matter how many seats Republicans might pick up in the upcoming election, the president's problems controlling Congress seem sure to intensify.

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