Green Lawn Care

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 10:27am

Alternatives to chemicals to keep your lawn green and healthy.

For many people, the effort to keep their lawn green, especially during the
summer months, means using lots of chemical and synthetic fertilizers. There are organic products that could accomplish the same end by very different means.

It may look like your typical lawn treatment but this landscaping job packs an organic punch.

Todd Harringon of Harrington's Organic Land Care says "the natural products are more of a target product, where it's going to work as soon as you apply it."

For Todd Harrington, lawn care is a science. His business, Harrington's Organic Land Care, uses only natural ingredients. No chemicals or synthetic pesticides.

Todd says "we have a lot more tools in our toolbox than we did 10 years ago."

The treatment process begins with a soil sample. From there, the land is treated specifically to the soil's needs using a mixture of ingredients such as sugar and peanuts to make fertilizers.

Todd says "the organisms that we put into the system enhance it and keep the nutrients in place so there's a real benefit to that, especially long term."

A benefit Harrington says not only helps the environment, but also saves money.

Todd says "people really see the savings down the road, because there's alot less water use, alot less mowing involved."

And as for the look of the grass, Harrington says it's definitely greener on the organic side.

Todd says "you don't get that really, almost unnatural green."

Customer Phil Guglielmo says "it's a lot better to have something organic, it's not only better for the environment, it's better for our customers and it's appreciated by those that use our business."

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