Green Homes Being Built For Low Income Families

Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 2:24pm

Two organizations in Brownsville are teaming up to build environmentally friendly homes.

This property that will soon be the home for six low income families.
IBC Bank and a non profit organization Architecture for Charity are teaming up to building these green homes.
The program is called the Boot Strap Program.

"The state provides $45,000 of permanent financing at zero percent interest for 30 years we the developer subsidize the land for the purchase price and in addition the city of Brownsville provides down payment assistance, ultimately the families are taking advantage of a low financing mortgage payment."

Part of the program says the family who be living in the home must help build 65% of the home. One of those having no problem doing that for a great home is mother of two Ida Salazar.

"A big dream for me the effort I am putting into my home is for my kids I do this for them so the volunteers i bring is my family and my friends and i keep going this is for my family that's why I keep doing it."

IBC bank also part taking Saturday. They are helping finance the project along with give a hard effort to actually help building the homes.

"We have IBC employees in the background donating their time and they want to give back to the community and help out Brownsville without Brownsville we wouldn't be where we are at today."

The homes are expected to be completed by August.

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