Graphic evidence in Zimmerman trial

Graphic evidence in Zimmerman trial
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 2:59pm

Jury shown photos of Trayvon Martin's body at scene of shooting.

(NBC News) Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial heard graphic testimony Tuesday about the night Trayvon Martin was killed.
Sergeant Anthony Raimondo, one of the first officers on the scene, described finding Martin's body on the ground.

"Mr. Martin was laying face down with his head oriented generally towards the north and his hands underneath his body, sir," Raimondo testified.

During his testimony jurors saw photos of Martin's body and bullet wound for the first time.

His father, Tracy Martin, left the courtroom, but Martin's mother stayed seated in the front row, with tears in her eyes as the images were revealed.

The next state witness was the crime scene technician who was called to the scene that night.

During Diana Smith's testimony jurors saw more pictures, including photos she took of
Zimmerman's injuries from the confrontation with Martin.

The first physical evidence in the case was also displayed, clothes that both Zimmerman and Martin were wearing and the gun the former community watch volunteer used when he fired the fatal shot.

Outside the view of courtroom cameras jurors could be seen actively taking notes.

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