GRAPHIC: Armed teen shot dead by police


POSTED: Monday, August 5, 2013 - 7:48am

UPDATED: Monday, August 5, 2013 - 7:59am

A New York City teenage is dead after being shot by police over the weekend. Officers say the 14-year-old was chasing and shooting at another male when they shot the teen. While police say they are investigating the incident, many in the community are mourning the loss of a young life, Michael Herzenberg reports.

Cops say the guy on the bottom of the screen reacts to a bullet whizzing passed him and takes off. Police say the male, in the white shirt, was the one who fired off three rounds and gave chase.

Investigators say two uniformed rookie cops heard the shots near 151st and Courtland Avenue. Both the alleged shooter and man, he was chasing, ran by the officers.

According to the police commissioner that's when the cops identified themselves and ordered the shooter to drop the weapon Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner, "Instead he fired another round. It is undetermined at this time whether he fired at officers or a fourth time at the unknown male. One of the police officers from across the street approximately 40 feet away discharged the firearm once.

14 year-old Shaaliver Douse died at the scene Vincent Simmons, cousin of Douse, "I feel like crying right now that was really my bro I swear to God."

Douse's friends and family lit candles in his honor Sunday night and wrote messages to him during the day.

"It was a real bad tragedy. My cousin was gunned down by police officers."

They don't believe the cops and they don't think Douse had a gun, "Look at this baby, look at this young man. Beautiful with potential, with potential. You didn't even give this child a life."

The police commissioner expressed his condolences, but points to this gun as evidence Douse was armed, saying all four bullets shells math the 9mm handgun recovered at the scene.

Raymond Kelly, "We have someone armed with a gun shooting at someone who apparently doesn't have a gun. The logical conclusion is that the young man he was chasing would've been killed, these officers stopped that from happening."

This is not Douse's first brush with police with the law. In May, the Bronx District Attorney charged him with attempted murder for allegedly shooting a 15 year-old. The charge was later dropped when the witness could not identify the shooter. Police say the investigation into this police involved shooting continues.

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