Graffiti Removal Machine

POSTED: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 3:50pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

You see it around the parks and on buildings, graffiti. But one Valley city is taking action to remove it with a new machine.

A pretty neat contraption. The city of Brownsville now has what's called the soda blaster. It removes graffiti in seconds.

In Brownsville parks it easy to spot graffiti on the ground, wood, and skate board ramps.

Now the city has a $80,000 soda blaster. Air is mixed with baking soda inside a special pot.

The blaster has a nozzle and switch. You hit the switch and air baking soda comes out and that's what gets rid of the graffiti.

The funding for this soda blaster is paid through the city's 4-B program. The City Parks and Recreation Department will work Monday through Friday from eight to five going from city park to city park removing graffiti.

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