Grackles Return

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 9:09am

Noisy, messy birds return to Texas.

If you've seen a flock of Grackles then you know how numerous and annoying they can be especially whey they are migrating. Dallas happens to be on a migratory path for the loud, black birds. And many residents there are just trying to stay out of their way.

Just about the time the first bluebonnets begin to appear, so do another sign of Spring that's not nearly so welcome: Grackles.

Resident Kim Toulouse says "they're back! they're definitely back and it is spooky when they're all around here."

About 80% are simply migrating through north Texas.

Rodney Beaman of Texas Bird Services, says "all of the birds that migrated south during the Fall, they're going to be migrating back north during the Spring."

Rodney says "the difference is that they take about 60 to 90 days in the Fall to migrate south, but only about 20 to 30 days to migrate north in the Spring."

They're already making their mark, targeting one van in particular at the corner of Mockingbird and Abrams.

Kim says "sometimes, it is just solid out here"

Others also got hit.

Kim says "my car was so covered, i mean you couldn't see out of the windshield, you couldn't see out of the front or the back. and I had to go straight to the car wash and wash it just so i could see to go home."

In Fort Worth's Sundance Square, workers from Texas Bird Services in Arlington use noisemakers and powerful lasers to chase away the birds.

Rodney says "just about anything will drive these birds away temporarily. The key is if you want to drive them away long term you have to use some proven methods."

In other areas, people learn to look up and watch their step.

Resident Erin Burnam says "we avoid the trees, definitely avoid the trees."


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