Governor Perry gives the State of the State Address

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 10:19am

Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed the state legislature on Tuesday for the State of the State Address speech and he mentioned about using some of the money from the Texas Rainy Day fund and giving a $1.8 billion dollars in tax relief for Texans, Josh Hinkle was that the state capitol and has this report.

Tax relief was a welcome conversation for the crowd in the Texas House, but for some, money back didn't make up for the billions cut from schools and healthcare from the last legislative session. A protester in the balcony cut Governor Perry off, shouting for answers about the state's uninsured.

Troopers escorted the group out of the chamber, chanting about the federal Medicaid expansion that would have helped  cover millions more Texans. The group says it delivered petitions to Perry's office last fall, but nothing changed. Despite Democrat's urging, Perry stands firm against the federal health care law, no Medicaid money from Washington and no help from Texas setting up a state insurance exchange.

The governor says Texas should invest $3.7 billion dollars from the Rainy Day fund for one time infrastructure projects like water resources. This is different move on his part as he has always warned lawmakers not to tap the fund.

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