Friday, March 25, 2011 - 9:38am

Revenge goes viral. Computer thief is tracked down and exposed on YouTube.

A stolen laptop turned into somewhat of a joke when the alleged thief found himself on the internet courtesy of the victim. This video, going viral on YouTube, was posted by Mark Bao. But it's not just any video. Mark says this is video of the guy who stole his laptop.

Mark says "first of all, not only was it hilarious, but it let me figure out who exactly this guy was."

Mark is a student at Bentley University. Last month, he left his computer in this dorm lounge unattended for about 20 minutes and when he came back, it was gone.

Mark says "after about a half an hour of searching, I concluded that it was pretty much stolen. I just purchased a new computer and just moved on."

But, this weekend, Mark had a breakthrough.

Mark says "all my files are automatically backed up using a service, to the Internet. I was just looking through to see what other information I could find to pinpoint the guy and it turns out there was a video of him dancing, two videos of him actually."

And he asked his Twitter followers for advice.

Mark says "I was kind of live Tweeting this whole thing, I've got to find out who stole this laptop and I was like, I found this video, should I post them. And everyone was like yes yes please post them."

That's when this video hit the Internet, with one important viewer: the alleged thief.

Mark says "I think the guy saw the video or something and decided to turn it back in."

The laptop is with the police now and the man in the video had one request for Mark.

Mark says "He wants me to take it down but I think it's adequate punishment. I'm not planning on taking it down anytime soon."

Bently college officials are still investigating. Mark says when he gets it back from police, he plans on selling the laptop and donating the proceeds to Japan relief.

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