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Monday, March 21, 2011 - 8:04am

Looking to save money next time you fill up your tank? Chances are you'll go scrambling after seeing this report.

Possibly the best place to see whether or not you can save money on gasoline might be in your glove compartment -- specifically whether you’re required or recommended to use premium gasoline.

"If it's recommended, you can try a lower grade of fuel. If it's required, don't even think about it", advises Philip Reed of

Don't even try it if premium's required because it really can damage your engine.

However, if it's only recommended, and with premium costing around 25 cents more per gallon, the savings can be substantial.

The experts at the online automotive giant say engines of today can handle it.

"We used to have engines that would knock if you put in lower grade fuels”, says Reed. “So, people were looking for higher octane, higher grade fuels so that the car wouldn't knock. But now, there's so much computerization in the car that it basically tunes itself as it goes"

If nothing else, you could at least experiment.

"If there's any drop-off in terms of performance or you hear anything that's unusual, you can always go back to premium fuel", says Reed.

And back to paying four to five dollars more for a fill-up.


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