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Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 9:50am

As the new House Session starts, the GOP has their eyes set on health care repeal.

President Obama's flying back from Hawaii this morning straight into political turbulence.

House Republicans will vote next Wednesday on whether to repeal the new health care law.

Illinois Representative Joe Walsh said, "I don't want the American people to have to pick up the tab for my healthcare."

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich said, "Who's running this government? Is it the insurance companies, or is it the United States Congress?"

Democrats say they will block any attempt to get rid of health reform, perhaps forcing votes on it piece by piece.

A showdown that even some Republicans say won't make their party look good.

GOP Strategist Princella Smith said, "If the projection is, every time you look on TV there's a Republican screaming at President Obama, that is not going to play well."

Patrick Gavin of Politico said, "The reality is come November 2012 they're gonna wanna have something on their resume to boast about."

Right now, Republicans have no alternate plan. Democrats say there are bigger issues.

California Representative Karen Bass said, "The economy has to be the number one issue on our agenda."

The economy, mainly jobs needs to be the focus and according to Republicans, health reform is a job killer.

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