GOP 2012

Friday, June 10, 2011 - 8:53am

The GOP Primary field is still forming, but we may be seeing the first official casualty.

Newt Gingrich is still running for President. But several of his top staffers have jumped off the bandwagon, and fired a couple of shots on the way out.

Alex Burns of Politico said, "Gingrich didn't really want to do a lot of the traditional, heavy lifting, leg work that a candidate has to do if they're running for President."

The former House Speaker told supporters on Facebook that he remains committed to running and will begin his campaign anew Sunday in Los Angeles on the eve of a big debate in New Hampshire.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be there even though he's skipping the Straw Polls in Iowa and other states.

"It's conceivable Amy that in eighteen months I might need a job. I hope not," said Romney.

Romney will be joined by Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann who is set to announce whether she's running later this month while Sarah Palin is still flirting with the idea of a presidential bid.

The state of Alaska is about to shed new light on her term as Governor.

Responding to media requests, the state is about to release twenty-four thousand pages worth of e-mails from the time she took office until midway through the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

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