GooGoo For Gaga

Friday, July 22, 2011 - 9:03am

Fans flock to Nebraska barn where Lady Gaga is filming a new video.

Fans of "Lady Gaga", both young and old, spent Thursday trying to get a glimpse of their idol near Springfield, Nebraska.

Gaga is in Nebraska shooting a video for "You and I" and fans say it's about none other than her "Nebraska Guy".

"We heard that she dated a guy locally from Springfield, we thought we would take one of our famous road trips and look for her." While they never actually saw "Gaga", says Shannon Picha.

The barn serves as the centerpiece for part of the video and in the middle of the cornfield, a piano that Gaga plays.

"Just to see her at least, a glimpse would make my day, my life," says fan James Morris.

Morris and his friend Megan Hale staked out Springfield Elementary School where the crew and Lady Gaga were reported to be eating lunch.

They were lucky.

Lady Gaga invited them onto the set later in the day.

A lot of commotion, locals say, but they don't mind the few days of Lady GaGa and her crew in town.

"They are East Coast, West Coast and us Midwesterners, we are not used to that, but hey I'm open to anything, I think it's awesome," says Lori Dover.

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