Good Samaritan Thwarts Kidnapper

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 12:34pm

Neighbor sprang to action when he saw stranger grab 6-year-old girl.

A 6-year-old girl is home safe with her family thanks to a neighbor who jumped into action and followed a man who grabbed her in front of her Albuquerque, New Mexico home Monday.

Antonio Diaz Chacon said he doesn't feel like he did anything out of the ordinary.

Tuesday was just another day at work for Chacon, but Albuquerque police are calling him a hero.

"He did an amazing job and he saved this little girl's life," Albuquerque Police Department Sgt. Trish Hoffman said.

Chacon said he and his wife heard a commotion outside on Monday afternoon, so they went outside to see what happened.

Jose Gonzales translated for Chacon.

"He said he was in his house and that he heard some noises like somebody struggling. 'Let her go, let her go.' So, he went outside and said, 'what happened?' and they said, 'this guy took a little girl, so he chased after him.'"

That little girl is just 6-years-old.

According to the criminal complaint, she had been sent to get tostadas from a neighbor's house and was on her way back when police say 29-year-old Phillip Garcia grabbed her and put her into a van.

While Chacon was chasing down that van, his wife Martha Diaz called 911.

In 911 tapes Diaz is heard telling a 911 operator, "We heard someone yelling, 'hey, hey, let her go, let her go!' My husband followed the van that they put that little girl in."

Chacon said he doesn't see himself as a hero.

He said he has kids of his own and that it all happened so fast, he just reacted.

Phillip Garcia is charged with kidnapping, child abuse and tampering with evidence.

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