Good Samaritan Returns Purse

Monday, December 12, 2011 - 11:12am

Hundreds in cash, credit cards and personal belongings returned to Atlanta woman.

Life has not been kind to Rod Garrett the past three years, but that did not stop him from answering the prayers of a stranger.

Garrett was passing through Atlanta's Lenox MARTA station when he found a purse on a platform bench.

He knew someone was frantic.

"No keys, no cell phone. Women when they lose their purse it's like they lose a part of them," said Garrett.

The purse belonged to Cyana Gailor, who left it in her rush to board a train and get home.

Inside she left credit cards, blank checks, and over $500 in cash.

By the time she switched trains and returned to the Lenox station, the purse and everything in it was gone.

She called her friend, and they prayed.

"I was hopeful," said Gailor. "I prayed that I would get everything back. The MARTA police kind of told me to have a little bit more realistic expectation."

She was counting on a man desperate for money.

Rod Garrett lost his job as a courier when he lost his car.

He'd spent the past three years looking for work, scouring metro Atlanta by bicycle and train.

Despite his need, Rod Garrett wanted nothing to do with Cyana Gailor's money and credit cards.

"She worked hard," said Garrett. "They were her belongings. Every time I've needed something to get over a hump, there was help. If I'm blessed like that, why not return the gift?"

So Rod Garrett tracked down a frantic stranger and returned Cyana Gailor's belongings.

"When I saw the cash my heart did a leap," said Gailor. "That showed me there's still integrity. I kept saying, 'Thank You God!!' You do answer prayers."

The following day Rod sent his new friend an email explaining why he'd returned every penny in that purse.

"The money would run out one day," wrote Garrett. "But blessings for the future would never stop."

"I know this is the beginning of Rod's blessings," said Gailor. "I'm sure God will bless him for doing this."

Rod Garrett didn't ask for a reward, but he got one...the smile on Cyana Gailor's face.

"That was a good feeling," said Garrett.

Gailor is also working to help him find a job.

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