Getting Tough on Trucks

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 8:40am

Obama administration expected to announced strict new fuel standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

They are the kings of America's highways and the workhorse of America's economy: Trucks.

Now, for the first time, efforts are underway to make them more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

In May President Obama announced he would work for higher fuel and emission standards for large trucks.

On Monday the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation announced a proposal to make a 20-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel consumption over the next eight years.

Already the Obama Administration has called on auto makers to rev-up the fuel economy for cars, light-trucks and SUVs to more than 35-miles-per-gallon by 2016.

Now, everything from tractor-trailers to garbage trucks to school busses fall under the new proposal.

Even heavy-duty pick-up trucks will be forced to do better at the pump.

The proposal aims to get reductions of 10-to-20-percent based on the truck's size, with tractor-trailers facing the highest cut.

The EPA says current technologies with advanced diesel engines and aerodynamics already put in place the ability for heavy-truck makers to reach these new standards.

Truck makers say the new standards will also have an impact on the bottom line.

With the average tractor-trailer driving more than $150,000 miles a year, better fuel-economy equals lower fuel costs, an economic benefit to an environmental challenge.

The Obama administration worked closely with truck manufactures and trucking industry leaders to create the new proposal.

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