Gay teen accused of underage sex

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 3:00pm

Gay teen accused of underage sex; Hearing to decide if Kaitlyn Hunt will stay in jail

A judge is expected to decide if a 19 year-old Florida woman will stay behind bars for allegedly having sex with an underage female classmate. That's after new allegations surfaced that Kaitlyn Hunt violated an order not to contact the former classmate. On Monday, prosecutors withdrew a plea deal that would have kept Hunt out of jail, John Zarrella reports.

Kaitlyn Hunt appeared to be a frightened 18 year-old, her freedom on the line, Kaitlyn Hunt, "I'm scared of losing my life, the rest of my life, not being able to go to college, be around kids and my sisters and my family."

That was February, she'd been accused of two counts of lewd and lascivious battery. The alleged victim, a minor, a 14 year-old female schoolmate.

Hunt and her family claim it was consensual, Kelley Hunt Smith, mother of Kaitlyn, "To hold someone accountable for felony for having a relationship with a peer seems outrageous to me."

Under Florida law, a 14  year-old can't give consent. So, if she wanted to stay out of jail pending the outcome of her trial, Hunt was ordered not to have any contact with the 14 year-old. Prosecutors now say she did and not just once or twice, they say they have 20,000 text messages between the two since the no-contact order.

In one prosecutors say Hunt wrote, "No matter what if they find out we talked I'm going to jail until trial starts."

In another, prosecutors say there was this exchange: the 14 year-old texted, "The Assistant State Attorney asked me today if anyone saw us in the bathroom when we would do stuff. Should I have said names?" Hunt responds, "No! Say nobody."

Prosecutors say the texts were sent on an iPod Hunt put in the 14 year-old's school locker after the court ordered no contact.

And there were videos sent too, sexually explicit prosecutors charge. If that's not enough, prosecutors are accusing Kaitlyn's mother of sending texts to the minor.

In one quote, "Please delete everything and make sure no one finds out you've spoken to Kate at all."

Neither Kaitlyn nor her mother would comment and her attorney has not returned CNN's calls.

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