Gay Prom Flap Casts Shadow Over School

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 4:02pm

Controversy over same-sex couples and alternative "gay free" prom roil Indiana school.

A group of students and parents want to ban gays from prom at an Indiana high school.

The proposal has caught fire on the Internet and has received national - and even international - attention.

Sullivan High School has earned an A for its academic excellence, but recent talk over banning gay students at the high school prom have given the school a failing image.

"Anybody can go to the prom," said Principal David Springer.

The controversy started with a misunderstanding about whether same-sex couples were allowed to walk in the grand march before prom.

"Of course, a girl could go out with another girl or if they didn't have a date or that was their choice," Springer said.

That sparked another group to rise up in opposition, wanting to ban gays at the school-sanctioned prom. But when they saw the school wasn't going to budge and allow that, they decided to hold their own prom - an alternative prom that would be gay-free.

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