Gaps in Border Fence to be Gated

Friday, September 16, 2011 - 8:31am

The gaps that exist in the border fence will soon be sealed with gates and the Border Patrol says the project should be complete by February of 2012.

The gates were part of the fence plan because it has to give land owners access to enter their properties. Right now agents patrol the gaps along the fence and officials say they'll continue to be vigilant in those areas after the gates are installed. Border Patrol spokesperson Rosalinda Huey says, "What the public needs to understand is that the fence and the gates, their just a tool that assist us in doing our job but our agents will continue patrolling these areas."

The department also says land owners will have access to enter their property. The fence was strategically placed to push the criminal element into open areas giving agents the upper hand in apprehensions.

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