Gang Prevention Through A Hollywood Movie


POSTED: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 4:38pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 25, 2014 - 8:06am

MCALLEN- A local high school went to view a movie regarding gang violence in hopes that the movie will educate their students to stay away from gangs and set an example for others. Since the death of year José Luis Martinez Junior, 14, of Pharr was killed. His murder stained Hidalgo County with its first homicide of the year and police say its gang related.

School officials from the PSJA School District hopes Tuesday's Senior field trip to the movies will help students from getting involved with gangs.

"It's a very sad time for all of us in our community. the only way to make things better is by educating," said PSJA Memorial High Principal Judith Solis.

Nearly 300 students came by the bus load to watch "Down For Life" at the Hollywood movie theater in Mcallen.  The movie is about gangs and the repercussions it brings from trying to leave the pack. School officials wouldn't let us talk to students, however principal Solis says students watching the movie is a step in the right direction.
"We're using as a lesson for the students to think about maybe loyalty and misguided loyalty and setting goals for the future," said Solis. " Peer pressure doesn't always have to be negative . Normally when we say peer pressure we really don't think about the positive and we have really great students."

The principal says that students often learn from one another and hopes after viewing the film they would have a greater impact on their peers.

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Frank Aragon
"Down for Life"

When you make a film, you try to entertain, but when you put your heart into a project because you know it will change young peoples lives you hope its news worthy! Thank you for finally seeing the message of our little indie film.
As a Mexican-American filmmaker Im proud my film is not a stereo typical gang film, its a mesage of reality and hope!!!

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