Frog found in bag of kale

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 12:45pm

A dead frog is discovered inside a bag of greens.

Talk about having a frog in your throat, literally.

That nearly happened to a Pittsburgh family.

While preparing a meal for a Fourth of July event. Something green was found inside the greens.

"It's defrosted Dave, but oh my God I can see him aaaaah!"

Collissa Williams of the north side still jumps when she sees it, a dead frog she says came in this package of kale greens.

It was the Fourth of July and her sister-in-law who was up from Virginia was preparing the greens.

"She poured in the kale and she went to stir them and she said 'There's a frog in there!' And we were like - a frog???"

Her sister-in-law sent me some photos from that day. She told me over the phone that at first she thought it was a shriveled leaf, then she saw the whole body.

"I screamed actually, I was shocked. I screamed, there's a frog in the greens! And dropped my spoon!"

They say they bought the greens at the Giant Eagle on the south side. Which Williams says offered a refund and took her complaint very seriously.

But the product isn't made by Giant Eagle.

It's made by Glory Foods. It says on the bag that they've been washed.

A spokesperson tells me:

"It's an isolated incident. We don't take any complaint lightly. We're investigating this. We at Glory Foods strive to put the best quality product and best flavored product in the can every day. We're sorry for the customer who bought this product."

Williams says the company offered her some coupons, but she wants to make sure steps are taken so no one else encounters what they did.

"Scared grossed out nasty disgusting - it ruined the whole day."

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