Freezing Your Wrinkles

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 9:33am

New treatment can tone up your neck.

A ten minute procedure in which he blows cold air on a person's neck can reduce sagging and wrinkles.

The procedure requires no needles, scalpels or medicines.

"Its good if you are fit and want to get rid of a little fat its not good if you are obese and need a lot of fat removed," says Dr. Simon Ourian.

First, Ourian soaks a neck collar in sterile saline to moisten and cool it.

He then blows freezing air onto the collar to bring the temperature of the neck down to around 6 degrees centigrade.

He says this dissolves fats without affecting the skin.

Megan O'Brien had the procedure done and noticed results.

"The skin on my neck was looser than the rest of my body. Gravity was taking its toll. It was drooping, I was not happy," O'Brien said. "I didn't want a drastic full lift but I wanted more than creams could do. I didn't want scars."

She says she now looks in the mirror and is really excited.

"It really tightened. I'd do it again in a heartbeat," O'Brien said.

The results take ten days to a month to show.

It costs more than Botox but less than liposuction.

Since the choice or procedure depends on the individual, history and condition, ask your doctor what is right for you and don't ever hesitate to get a second opinion.

When you do choose a doctor, check on his or her credentials, speak to former patients, ask to see before and after pictures and make sure to question the doctor about potential risks and side effects.

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