Former Brownsville resident accused of voter fraud

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POSTED: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 3:13pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 7:09am

An indictment unsealed Tuesday shows that 54 year old Sonia Solis allegedly cast five votes by absentee ballot in the names of 5 different people during the July 2012 Cameron County primary runoff elections.
Cameron county election administrator Christopher Davis who took office in January was not the administrator at the time, but says there were several runoff elections on both the democratic and republican side.

"Runoff for Congress, State Representative, District Attorney, Justice of the Peace, State Board of Education." said Davis.

Davis says it's unclear who the alleged votes were cast for, but Davis says he has an idea of how it was possible for Solis to cast the votes.

"This person was allegedly in charge of applying for the ballots who knows how many, when they came in they were applied with the actual voters and the voters may not have been aware that their names were being used for the absentee ballots, I wouldn't be surprised if the elderly are taken advantage of when it comes to using their name and their registration to request the absentee ballots be sent but someone else takes them intercepts them completes them whichever way they need to complete them and then returns them." said Davis.

Mary Helen Flores is part of Citizens Against Voter Abuse, also known as C.A.V.A. It was formed in October of 2010. Their mission is to bring awareness to and stop voter fraud in Cameron County. Flores says she wasn't surprised by the indictment.

"We spent a lot of time interviewing these people reviewing the mail-in ballot application lists, reviewing the carrier envelops, we took this documentation to the voters and asked them and showed them what had been submitted in their names, and at times they said no that's not by signature and no I it don't know who that person is, and it was blatant obvious voter theft."

Flores says she wouldn't be surprised if more indictments are handed down.

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