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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 10:13am

Pizzeria owner ordered to serve free pizzas to the needy.

The expression "justice was served" took on new meaning this week in New York's State Supreme Court in a tax fraud case against Joseph Jacobbi.

In addition to paying $103,000 in restitution Jacobbi, owner of Buffalo's Casa-di-Pizza, has been ordered by a judge to also serve-up free pizzas to the Buffalo City Mission for a year.

As part of Jacobbi's sentence Judge Russell Buscaglia ordered Jacobbi to deliver 12 sheet pizzas to the Buffalo City Mission every Tuesday for the next year.

Aubrey Calhoun of the City Mission was surprised when she heard about the judge's ruling.

"We were excited about the opportunity," says Calhoun. "We are trying to figure out is how would the judge come up with this type of ruling... it's not a common ruling."

Why this particular sentence?

The judge wouldn't say, but for those at the City Mission it doesn't matter.

"It cuts down on manpower," says Calhoun. "It cuts down on resources and also it's a wonderful treat because not many people get served pizza."

Jacobbi's sentence began Tuesday.

His staff delivered the pizzas just after 5pm.

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