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POSTED: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 4:43pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 8:18am

A South Texas College Student and Edinburg native is overcoming adversity to be part of a local baseball team. 

He's the new voice of the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings. Kevin Narro is living out his dream working 10 hours a day in the South Texas heat.  But it's all worth it because he's getting paid to watch baseball.  

"I've always wanted to play baseball, and that didn't work out for me," Narro said. "Now that I get to be part of it, and be part of a professional baseball team, it's every kid's dream." 

The WhiteWings are a team in the independent United League Baseball, along with the Edinburg Roadrunners and McAllen Thunder. 

Narro is an Edinburg native and his mom doesn't mind driving out to Harlingen Field to see the games.  So often she has to catch it on the radio when Kevin is on the road.  

"He never ceases to amaze me," Rachel Narro said. "I listen and I'm like, 'is that Kevin?' I show my sister and my dad, they're like, 'wow, that's Kevin?' It seems like he's professional already."

This is a pretty good gig for Kevin to get at just 21 years old. But his childhood got cut short. His dad Randy got very sick when Kevin was just 12 years old. And he had to become the man of the house. 

"It's like there's no room for error," Kevin said. "You've got to set the bar high, for my sisters especially. They look up to me a lot." 

Narro practiced his craft by doing the play-by-play of his video games. And he would always choose his favorite player and his favorite team, the Houston Astros. 

"I would imitate their announcer and I would shut off the volume and I would just as I do now," Narro said. "I would call the game, especially when Jeff Bagwell is up, I'd make a big deal about it and now I'm doing it here, so it's just like mind-blowing." 

Randy is now doing fine, and is enjoying going to the ballpark as much as Kevin does.  

If you want to catch Kevin calling a game, head over to

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