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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 3:55pm

Distracted Driver Summit highlights deadly toll texting, cell phones and other gadgets.

Chances are you have a cell phone you've used it while driving.

The government held a summit Tuesday to try to make sure you stop.

The gathering focused on new laws, enforcement and personal responsibility.

More than 5,000 Americans died last year because of distracted driving.

Jacy Good's parents and her own ability to walk without a cane were stolen by a young man on a cell phone, on her graduation day.

"Waking up in a nightmare," she says. "I went from best day of my life to worst place being."

30 states and the District of Columbia currently ban texting while driving.

Eight states and the District also ban hand held cell phone use.

Trucks and buses were a special focus at the summit, days after a bus driver was caught reading his Kindle behind the wheel.

Legislation is pending in Congress that would push for a total nation-wide texting while driving ban.

The government is encouraging states to adopt the law or risk losing 25% of their state highway funding.

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