Flu Season Hits Its Peak

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 4:20pm

The CDC says the number of sick is on the rise.

The flu seems to be everywhere these days.

44 states are reporting widespread flu activity.

Experts at the Centers For Disease Control say there isn't one particular strain of flu that's taken over, and despite the recent spike in flu cases it does appear the flu vaccine is a good match.

Even those who did get a flu shot can come down with the illness, but Dr. Frank Esper of UH Case Medical Center in Ohio says sick patients fare better if they're immunized.

"The amount of days that they're sick is usually less, and the amount of virus that they can spread from one person to the next is less," he says.

CDC officials say cases will likely increase in the Northwest soon because that's an area that hasn't seen much flu yet, but overall the season has been fairly typical.

The signs of spring blooming across the country should signal an end to the sneezing, until allergies kick in.

In the past weeks roughly five percent of doctor's office visits were for flu, which is higher than normal.

However, by the end of march flu cases usually drop significantly.

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