Florida Quints

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 9:23am

Couple who had trouble conceiving have their prayers answered by a factor of five.

A Florida couple who had trouble conceiving a child had their prayers answered by a factor of five recently. They now are the proud parents of quintuplets and are preparing to take three of their children home for the first time.

Diana and Jose Molina are getting ready to take home three of their quintuplets: Jorge, Iker, and Fabio. The one girl, Valentina, and her brother, Enzo, still need intensive care.

Father Jose Molina says "we were married for nine years and we couldn't have babies. so we found out about a doctor in Honduras, so."

The babies were conceived with the help of fertility drugs and artificial insemination.

Jose says "at first we were told there were just four babies. then two months later on an ultrasound they the fifth baby."

Here at the intensive care unit at holtz children's hospital, they've taken care of triplets and quadruplets. but this is the first set of quints.

Diana was in bed for a month before giving birth. There were 28 people assisting in the delivery room.

Salih Yasin, MD/UM-JMH Obstetrician, says "we had to map where each baby is. and it was quite a challenge to have those babies in two and a half minutes of each other."

The Molinas were hoping for one child. When they found out there would be five, they were both happy and scared.

Jose says "so we decided to through to the end. always believe in god and trust him and here we are."

Eduardo Bancalari, MD/UM-JMH Obstetrician, says "these three have come out amazingly well and they don't have any of the complications of prematurity. they don't have any eye damage. they don't have any brain issues.

Valentina is expected to go home in a few weeks. But Enzo was born with a congenital heart defect. He has to put on some more weight before doctors can operate.

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