Flights cancelled in and out of Dallas

Flights cancelled in and out of Dallas
Friday, December 6, 2013 - 5:42pm

Many people are stranded after flights in and out of Dallas were cancelled because of the weather. With the temperatures in Dallas/Fort Worth dipping below freezing, airlines had to cancel the plans of thousands of travelers. 


All over McAllen Airport people were scrambling to change their plans. Including one La Joya woman who wanted to see her son play in a college football playoff game.  

"There's no flights for today or tomorrow," Maria Cazares said. "They've been cancelled, period. And I [asked] them if there was a connection to another airline, they told me 'yes, but they were already full' ...So I'm not making it; I'm not."    


The status of Saturday's flights are not known. The weather in Dallas is expected to remain the same.  


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