Flight To Nowhere

Monday, December 27, 2010 - 7:45am

Travelers' surprising journey takes them everywhere they don't want to be for Christmas.

More than 1,400 flights in and out of New York's three airports are canceled because of the massive snowstorm in the Northeast.

While some people are sleeping in terminals, a group from North Carolina spent the day trying to get to the Big Apple, only to be flown back home.

Of the hundreds of people who lined up at customer care, this story takes the cake.

Traveler says "started here in Charlotte airport at about 930 this morning.. And this is our Christmas trip, this is our Christmas present."

And Todd Horne's whole family on a plane with close to 200 people flying to New York.

Todd says "we were supposed to have a direct flight here to New York."

It was anything but.

Traveler Nicholas Tsafos says "waited on the runway for about two hours, two and a half hours to get de-iced."

Traveler says "Flew over LGA for about an hour. Did you get to see anything out the window besides snow? no nono.. we circled for an hour and never dropped down. And they ended up transferring us to Harrisburg. And I was supposed to get a bus to LaGuardia which was canceled."

Todd’s wife Stephanie Horne says "we got our hopes up and then we found out never mind we're flying you back to Charlotte. and if you don't fly back to Charlotte your bags are going still to charlotte so you're in the situation well, we're going to Charlotte."

Yes, They ended right back where they started.

They've still got to get home to New York but Todd Horne's family from Greenville?

Todd says "they said they'd refund out money and so we'll get our full reimbursement back so we'll go back when it’s warmer weather and we don't have to deal with the snow."

US Airways is waving ticket transfer fees for anyone who has to reschedule a flight that was headed to the Northeast.

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