Five Years Later Scars Remain

Friday, August 27, 2010 - 3:41pm

Friends work to rebuild neighborhood one house at a time.

Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the scars remain in the city's Ninth Ward.

Nearly three-quarters of the neighborhood's residents forced out by the storm still haven't returned.

"As you can see around, this is all trees and bushes through the whole neighborhood," says resident Keith Francois. "If ya'll ride around here, there's nothing but lots. A lot of people haven't come back."

Francois and a small group of friends are working to change that.

They're now trying to save one house at a time.

They're currently building one for a cousin who lost everything in the storm.

The project has been their first chance to work together since the winds stopped and the water went away.

"If I can get the guys to stop fussing for a little while, we'll get it done," Francois laughs.

It's actually more fun than fussing.

"Hope is the word," says August Reimoninq. "Without hope we're all going to perish, hope is the word."

The house they're building is for a woman who's birthday is in late September.

Their goal is for her to celebrate by moving back into the neighborhood.

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