First U.S. Citizen To Die From Swine Flu

POSTED: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 9:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

A Harlingen woman who recently gave birth is dead due to the swine flu,becoming the nations second swine flu death.
Today, The Center for Disease Control confirmed the second swine-flu death in the state of texas--so far.
The 33-year old, Cameron County woman, Judy Trunnell is the first U.S. citizen to die from the illness.
Although Dr. Brian Smith, with The Texas State Health Dept. is not specifying her chronic health conditions, he says, they did contribute to her death.
"This situation is rare because she had underline health conditions most people with the disease do very well."
For most people he says, the swine flu is not deadly, but her death, did not come as a surprise.
"Not un-expected at all, due to the proximity to mexico, where the disease were first identified," Dr. Smith says.
Doctors say, the woman was first seen on April 14th, then hospitalized five days later.
She delivered a healthy baby, and stayed in a local hospital until she died.
Dr. Joseph McCormick from the University of Texas School of Public Health on the University of Texas Brownsville campus says, the woman was very sick.
Dr. McCormick says she was a teacher at Travis Elementary School in Mercedes.
Initially, her swine flu test came back negative, but the state says, today it came back positive.
"They were able to find evidence of "H1N1" infection in this lady.
This doctor says, students, parents and teachers, at the school where she taught, should not be concerned of getting sick.
"Since she's been hospitalized, she's already been thru three incubation cycles."
He says, with the first American dying from this virus, he suggests that everyone becomes more aware.
"This says to me, that the virus has been circulating in our community for the last several weeks."
All Mercedes Schools will be closed until Monday.
News Center 23 called her family, at this time, they say, they're grieving the loss of this young mother.
Trunnell, is the first United States citizen to die from swine flu..
Last week, a 23-month old boy from Mexico City died at a Houston hospital, after spending time in Brownsville.
He was the first swine flu death within the U.S.

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