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Friday, June 24, 2011 - 8:27am

Man finally ties the age 99!

A life-long bachelor has finally found his soul mate.

Gilbert Herrick and Virginia Hartman tied the knot just a few weeks ago.

Theirs was no ordinary wedding.

He is 99, and she is 86.

Gilbert and Virginia are both residents at the Monroe Community Hospital Nursing Home in Rochester, New York.

Gilbert was starting to get a little lonely until he saw a collection of hand-painted china on display at nursing home.

The china was Virginia's and the rest is history.

Gilbert has led a healthy and successful life in his 99 years on Earth.

He retired from the postal service and courageously fought for our country during World War II.

“I was on three invasions -- North Africa, Sicily and Southern France,“ he says.

Gilbert earned a Purple Heart for his bravery but there was always something missing in his real heart.

“I never found the right girl until I found her,” he says.

Gilbert used to do oil paintings and wanted to meet the artist who created the china he saw on display.

“I kept going back to talk to her because there's nobody here who I can talk to. So I kept visiting her and it led to a romance,” he says.

They talked and talked and started to realize they had been living parallel lives all these years.

“He worked at Sibley and I worked at McCurdy's. Strangely enough, my husband was in the service almost identically to him,” Virginia explains.

“She asked if we could have a room to share, but they said you could only have one if you're married. So she said, ‘Let's get married!" and I said, ‘Yes!’" Gilbert adds.

On June 4, surrounded by friends, family, and the nursing home staff, the two made it official.

The two are living proof that love has no age and they say they're going to make the most of the time they have together.

As for honeymoon plans, they joked they wanted to elope to Fiji with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but then they realized it wouldn’t be so easy to leave the nursing home without permission.

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