First Solar Panels Installed in Harlingen Building

Sunday, June 26, 2011 - 9:59am

It will reduce the energy usage by more than 30%. The Lon C. Hill is the first city building in Harlingen to use solar panels.

"We're very proud not only to be saving money for the taxpayers of the city of Harlingen but also to try and show some leadership in energy conservation for not only our communities but for our nation."

The city and Schneider Electric have been working together since 2004 and just finalized this project. Denise Chavez who works with Schneider Electric explains how these solar panels will work.

"We installed the 72 KW solar-array on the roof and we also installed the weather station and designed it to where it is apted for this particular climate."

Another interesting thing about the panels is that it's mobile, it can be moved to another location if needed but it could remain on top of this building for the next 25 years. But this is not the only building that will be using solar energy. Harlingen is already working on their next green project at the university center where they offer bachelors and masters degree programs.

"It will be a gold lead certified building. The only gold leadership in energy efficiency designed building south of San Antonio so it's an exciting next step for what Harlingen wants to do to become more green."

Since the partnership with Schneider Electric, the city has saved over a million dollars in energy. With the new solar panels, officials say the city will save about $7,000 every year.

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no one identified if the buildings will be removed from the electric power company grid? will harlingen need to keep power lines to the building incase of cloudy or rainy day when solar panels are not effective; if the power lines are removed what will happen to the buildings when it is to cloudy or to rainy??
this was never addressed by the news media-- easy questions to ask

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