First Lady on Lets Move

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 10:25am

First Lady Michelle Obama visits the Today Show to talk about the anniversary of her fitness program.

With one in three American kids overweight or obese, first lady Michelle Obama's trying to get them moving.

"You'll see the quality improve, and also you're gonna see it more focused on nutrition education. That's as important as the food that they eat, are the kids understanding how to eat," Mrs. Obama said this morning during a visit to the Today Show.

She's teamed up with major league sports.

The NFL is signing up 200,000 kids to exercise more than an hour a day, and doctors are pledging to screen kids for obesity.

Companies that provide school lunch promise to cut fat and sugar, double fruits and vegetables --like those growing in the white house garden, and put salad bars in 6,000 schools.

Manufacturers are putting new labels on the front of foods and beverages.

"You can see "Oh, 150 calories, I don't want that many. I want zero. Or here's a beverage that has 20 calories in it, so you will be able to make an informed choice," says Susan Neely of the American Beverage Association.

In a speech in Atlanta today the First Lady will say this first year's started a "fundamental shift" in how we live and eat.

Her healthy habits seem to be rubbing off close to home.

The White House says President Obama hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year.

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