First Drive-by Shooting of the Year in Cameron County


POSTED: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 3:27pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 7:16am

“We heard two gunshots in the air."

That was the family's cue to run for cover. José, who asked us to not show his face for safety reasons, tells us he, his wife, children and other relatives were having a barbeque outside their home Friday night when they heard gunshots.

"We had to run and hide. Me, my wife and two kids threw ourselves there, where the car is at on the floor. Some of them went inside the house."

José says the family was enjoying their Friday night when an SUV sped down the street. When one of the neighbors asked the driver to slow down because kids were playing on the street, José says the driver got upset and drove off. But shortly after, a strange car drove up and caused the very first drive-by of the year.

"We had a little black car come from the corner of the curve and we had a lady walking in the street and when she turned around she saw the headlights shut off, so right away we heard two gunshots in the air. We actually knew it was a drive-by. Either it was them coming back or probably they got someone to come back."

José believes at least 30 shots were fired. Several bullets entered the home. He invited us in to see what the criminals had done. You can see bullet holes on the wall of the living room, near the kitchen and in the restroom. Luckily no one was hurt.

"The more thankful that I am is that they didn't hit one of my kids because if it was to the point where they would've killed one of my kids, I would've gone after them myself."

Outside, his cars were also shot at. This one has two bullet holes on the bumper and the passenger window of this SUV will now have to be replaced.

"I was really scared because I have never gone through this. This is the first time the neighborhood has gone through a drive-by. So really, all the neighborhood is surprised and traumatized."

Cameron County sheriff's have arrested 27-year-old, Eduardo Herrera Jr. The arrest came hours after the drive-by. The SWAT team, along with deputies and San Benito Police surrounded Herrera’s apartment on Stenger Street and Garcia’s Court.

"The individual had barricaded himself in the apartment and negotiated with him for about two hours until he finally decided to turn himself in."

The sheriff's department says another man, by the name of Luis Julian Rangel was involved in the weekend's drive-by shooting. They’re on the lookout for the 25-year-old.

If you have any information on Rangel, you're urged to call the Cameron County Sheriff's Department at: (956) 350-5551.

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