First day of summer in the valley


POSTED: Friday, June 21, 2013 - 2:53pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 8:49am

For Andy Sendejo and mom, summer means hanging out at a Mcallen Municipal Pool.

"It's very exciting, no school for me, i'm happy because i have no more school and i can uh have fun with my friends."

Ana Romero from the Mcallen Parks and recreation department says fun is fine, but safety is everything. "The biggest thing about safety is to make sure you guys can swim, we need to make sure that you bring out our kids or even the adults to make sure they have an opportunity to learn how to swim um to make sure that they come and be safety at the pools."

Romero explains it's her department's duty to keep all kids safe.  And today as hot temps continue to spike, it's important to maximize water intake and minimize sun exposure.

"Yes we do encourage them to get and stay hydrated that means a lot of water and make sure they use a lot of sun block and also make sure we stay in the shade and take breaks especially when they're out at the sun."

For kids who can't swim, the pools have lifeguards on hand to ensure they're protected.

Meanwhile for parents, trying to beat the heat can also be also be challenging, especially in the valley.

and whether you're in the pool or not, it's all about staying cool.

Cynthia Sendejo is a parent and she says, "And yes even though there's a breeze and you know and you at least have enough oxygen to breathe."

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