Fired For Being Gay?

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 10:04am

Former Boy Scout camp counselor says he was fired because of his sexual orientation.

Tim Griffin says he was fired from the Boy Scouts of America because of his sexual orientation.

For the last eight years Griffin, an Eagle Scout, has worked for the Boy Scouts at Camp Winton in Amador County, California.

He says some troop leaders started complaining about his mannerisms a few years ago.

"My gestures, my mannerisms...who knows. People started to pick up outside of the staff," he says.

Officially, he was told he was being fired for dress code violations.

Last week the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed their stance banning openly gay members and leaders, which is why Griffin believes he was fired.

Shortly after he was let go nearly a dozen of his coworkers quit in protest.

The Boy Scouts denied an interview request but released a statement:

"Contrary to other reports, this incident has nothing to do with our membership policy. The camp director has no knowledge of this individual's sexual orientation."

Griffin says he is still hurt by his firing, because he believed in the ideals that Camp Winton was teaching, but he does want to send a message to those are gay and remain in the Boy Scouts.

"If you are a queer in scouting, don't let council members tell you what your are doing is wrong," he says.

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