Fire Truck Flag Flap

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 9:23am

Chief says removal of flags wasn't political.

American flags will soon be flying on fire trucks in Seminole, Florida.

Furor erupted recently when the Seminole Fire Department told firefighters they could no longer fly miniature flags using small plastic window mounts.

The order outraged many flag supporters, but Fire Chief George Bessler says it was never political.

He says the flags were removed because the manner in which they were being displayed violates the Flag Code.

"Something happened on social media that spread misinformation. This issue was never being sensitive to our community flying a flag. It was all about being respectful and flying the flag according to the U.S. Code," he insists. "One of my concerns with this whole thing is that the American people do not know what's self-contained in the U.S. Code."

According to the Flag Code, flags should be securely mounted on the chassis or on the right front fender, not from the windows.

The department is now working to acquire specially fabricated mounts that comply with the code.

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