Fire Engine Ticketed

Friday, October 28, 2011 - 2:41pm

Truck ticketed while parked outside government building.

Pittsburgh firefighters were ordered to get flu shots on Wednesday, but when they came out their trucks had parking tickets on them.

Officials said Homewood Ladder 17 got a parking ticket on Fourth Avenue alongside the city county building.

Josh Bloom is the lawyer for the firefighters union Local #1 and called the ticket absurd.

“The firefighters were parked outside the city county building to get their flu shots,” Bloom said. “The reason they had the trucks parked next to city county building is so they could stay on duty."

There were signs posted on signs above the trucks that said the area was a tow away zone and special permit parking only.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he plans to take action about the tickets.

“For them to pull their truck down, park, go inside for five minutes and get a shot. That doesn't warrant a ticket,” Ravenstahl said. “I’m not real sure how it happened. It shouldn't have happened. We'll work with the police department and the fire department to make sure this issue is resolved."

The parking spots along Fourth Avenue are purchased by council members for $70 per month.

City cops are ordered to ticket any vehicle not authorized to be there.

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