Fire Damages Three Homes in Weslaco

Monday, November 21, 2011 - 4:44pm

WESLACO - Smoke filled the skies on Sunday in Weslaco as firefighters battled a fire that damaged three homes.

The fire moved across from one home to two other homes and a garage on the 300 block of Mesquite before firefighters could contain it. Residents of the homes were able to get out before the flames reached the homes, but one home was a total loss and the other two were severely damaged. One neighbor stated the fire could have been prevented, "There were police, but no fire trucks, it took the fire trucks nearly 20 to 30 minutes to get there, which to me, seems kind of ridiculous because we have a fire station not even half a mile from here."

Weslaco and Donna Homeland Security Director George Garrett refutes that statement by saying they arrived on the scene within two minutes, "When you have something of this nature, were it is chaotic, people are frightened. Time seems to slow down, it doesn't actually slow down, but perceptually, it seems like it takes a lot longer for first responders to get here than it actually does."

Firefighters say this has been an ongoing problem with Weslaco city officials about not having enough men to cover the entire city. They say with the help of Donna and Mercedes fire departments, they were able to stop the fire from spreading any further.

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