Finding Loved Ones

Monday, March 14, 2011 - 2:36pm

Families try to reunite with quake victims using social media sites.

As search and recovery teams work through the rubble in Japan, families in the U.S. continue their struggle for information and evidence that loved ones in the strike zone have survived.

In the hardest hit areas phone lines are obviously down and across Japan cell networks are jammed, forcing many here to turn to social media and video chat lines on the internet.

After two days of cell calls that wouldn't go through Patrick Donahue finally heard from his wife and her family in Japan.

"When I first got the very first e-mail from my sister in law they indeed were okay, that's all it said. I broke down and cried because, it was something," Donahue says.

Kate Dykgraph and her family get the latest information from their mom in Japan through Facebook.

"You get the little daily updates, but also you get to sort of experience with her all of the emotions that she is going through and that can also be a little unsettling, you know, I've heard about lots of little aftershocks and how scared she is with every single aftershock," she says.

Families with loved ones in Japan agree that right now, any connection is a good one.

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