Financial Resolutions

Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 10:13am

Surveys show financial resolutions for 2011 are on the rise. Suggestions for keeping more money in your wallet in 2011.

A new year, a new attitude, and surveys show financial resolutions are on the rise.

Financial planner Karen Derose says "people are really concerned now."

Financial planner Karen Derose says a new year is a great time to get your financial house in order, get back on a budget or start one!

Karen says "write it down review it stick to it. once you see it you visualize it and actually do it."

Get out of the credit trap. Get on a debt diet and then call and request to lower your cards interest rate.

Karen says "pay their highest one down first and then commit to going down to one and paying it off every single month."

Then it pays to pay yourself first.

Karen says "try to put away 10% of your gross earnings. try to do on auto invest, what you don't see you won't spend take it out of your account."

Break bad spending habits: the daily $4 latte's and lunch out. Pare it down to one treat per week, invest it and watch it fatten your wallet not your waistline.

Karen says “it's a couple thousand a year, imagine over 20-30 years that could be half a million dollars.”

Finally get an insurance check up. You go out and make a living, but do you ever think about protecting it. Derose don't skip disability insurance at work and she advises as much term life insurance as you can afford.

Karen says "married with a couple of kids probably going to cost you 20-year term $500 a year for a million dollars if healthy.”

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